White Zombie One Day Wear Crazy Contact Lenses Pair

$25.00 $19.95

White Zombie crazy contact lenses are one of our more freakish lenses. A white lens with a black outer ring. Zombies are the most popular costume by far and easy to create. Slap on some jeans, a ripped shirt, some fake blood with some White Zombie lenses and away you go! These lenses are perfect for Zombie Walks and Zombie Shuffles all around the world.


Wear for 1 day then throw away.


New ColourVue One Day Wear lenses are available in 6 popular designs.

  • Great for one off events and shows
  • Daily disposable lenses for maintenance free fun
  • Material contains a high water content at 55%
  • SmartEdge design for zero lens awareness
  • Easy to handle with no edge curling
  • Lower cost that our normal crazy contact lenses
  • Contains 2 lenses per box