UV Glow Pink Crazy Contact Lens in Eye Sale

UV Glow Pink Crazy Contact Lenses


If you’re looking for an attractive, yet subtle UV glow lens, the UV Glow Pink Crazy Contact Lenses are the perfect pair for you. They have the appearance of a normal eye, with a small pupil and colourful iris, but have the added excitement of an unusual, vibrant pink colour. When in the presence of UV light, watch your eyes take on a mysterious glow. All of your friends will want a pair of their own! These lenses pair awesomely with all types of costumes, but may go especially well with fantasy or science fiction costumes.

These crazy contacts are 1 year replacement lenses, sold in a vial. All of our lenses are ColourVUE brand lenses: a top brand known for superior quality. ColourVUE crazy contact lenses are TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approved for the Australian market, and are recommended and used by optometrists throughout the country. Our lenses are made with Hydrogel, a material which creates a light and flexible lens material that is extremely comfortable to wear. ColourVUE contact lenses are known for their stability, comfort, and durability--setting the standard for lens products worldwide. With over one hundred available styles and designs, ColourVUE is the premium choice for contact lenses.