Tinsley Gorywood Temporary Tattoos - Skin Condition


The Tinsley Gorywood Temporary Tattoos- Skin Condition pack includes a huge variety of skin problem related tattoos. If you’re hoping to find a unique and unusual costume accessory, this is a great option for you. The Skin Condition tattoo set is different than some of our other tattoo packs which provide tattoos of wounds and gore. The Skin Condition tattoos scream of disease! This could be a really cool and interesting accessory to add to all different kinds of costumes, or could even work as an item to prank your friends and family.


We are confident you’ll be so happy with your Tinsley temporary tattoos. Tinsley’s line of costume accessory products has been designed by professionals, including makeup artists for Hollywood films. They have created items of the best quality, which allows you to utilise makeup products on par with the silver screen.


Gorywood temporary tattoos are super easy to use. all you need is a damp cloth! For extra depth, add a little fake blood with a cotton tip or some black makeup. All instructions are included on the back on how to apply and remove. Size of sheet is 19.5cm x 22cm.


Skin Condition tattoos include Hickies, Zits, Moles, Junkie Marks and Scabs. Use a dab of fake blood on a cotton tip to add more realism!