Tinsley Gorywood Temporary Tattoos - Burned Alive


Created and used by Hollywood makeup artists, Tinsley Gorywood Temporary Tattoos-Burned Alive, is an incredible costume accessory. The Burned Alive set of temporary tattoos offers a variety of burn shapes and sizes to complete your look. You’ll take on the form of someone who’s just been a victim of a traumatic fire attack. These ghastly tattoos are realistic in appearance and can be enhanced with additional makeup or fake blood products.


The Tinsley Gorywood Temporary Tattoos are super easy to use, with instructions on the back of every packet. Tinsley costume accessories are top of the line, and you will be excited to use their products again and again. Professional grade accessories which are a snap to use, Tinsley has an entire line of incredible temporary tattoos and skin transfers. With these tattoos, you’ll have the envy of all your friends who want to know your secret. Walk through the fire, but keep your secrets under wraps.


Gorywood temporary tattoos are super easy to use. all you need is a damp cloth! For extra depth, add a little fake blood with a cotton tip or some black makeup. All instructions are included on the back on how to apply and remove. Size of sheet is 19.5cm x 22cm.


Burned Alive tattoos include Cigarette Burns, Car Lighter burns and general horrific burns! The larger burns will cover a cheek!