Tinsley Gorywood Temporary Tattoos - Animal Attack


The Tinsley Gorywood Temporary Tattoos- Animal Attack is a fun variety pack of animal attack wound tattoos. These terrifying temporary tattoos include wounds such as pit bull scratch, hornet sting, and human bite. If you want to look like a victim of some seriously unfortunate circumstances, go ahead and use them all at once! This would be a unique idea for a costume; perhaps you can go as a rabid human, infected by the bites of many wild animals! Alternatively, use the realistic-looking tattoos one at a time and try to psyche out your friends. They may believe you’ve truly been attacked!


The Tinsley temporary tattoos are extremely well-made and are a breeze to use. Application is done using a damp cloth and a minute or two of patience. Easy removal instructions are included on the back of your tattoo kit. These high quality costume accessories make a perfect addition to any costume, so get creative and start thinking of how you’ll use them!


For extra depth, add a little fake blood with a cotton tip or some black makeup. Size of sheet is 19.5cm x 22cm.


Animan Attack tattoos include Pit Bull, Bee Stings, Tick bite, Human bite and other insect bites!