Tinsley 3D FX Transfers - Zombie Rot


An alternative to our ‘Running Dead’ transfers, our Tinsley 3D FX Transfers- Zombie Rot offer another opportunity to take on the look of the undead. Zombies are so popular this year, and zombie accessories are some of our top sellers. If you’re hoping to join in the trend of zombie costuming, you’re going to need a set of transfers like these. Tinsley transfers are some of the most realistic and high quality costume accessory products around, so you’ll be delighted with your purchase.


Easy to apply, and simple to remove, these transfers are latex-free and can be worn comfortably for hours. A zombie costume is made complete with these Zombie Rot transfers, but you could also use them for any other costume requiring the look of putrid flesh. Get creative and see what horrifying ideas you can come up with to terrify the pants off of all your friends.