Tinsley 3D FX Transfers - Staplestein


We've created a monster! Staplestein himself would be proud of these crazy looking transfers. The Tinsley 3D FX Transfers- Staplestein will show you off as the evil creation that you are, half human half monster. This accessory can be applied to any part of your skin, but is popularly used on the face, neck, and collarbone area. The transfers appear like sutures, held together barbarically by large staples. They create a realistic and freaky look that will have your friends in awe.


We’re proud to supply costume accessories made by Tinsley, a top manufacturer with an excellent reputation. These transfers are latex free, which make them ideal for those with skin allergies. Application of the transfers is simple, using only a damp cloth. With the ease of use and comfort of wearing, you’ll want to use Tinsley transfers again and again. They are sure make any costume 10 times more exciting.