Tinsley 3D FX Transfers - Outbreak


Yikes! These Tinsley 3D FX Transfers- Outbreak are a horrid sight, perfect when you’re going for that graphic, diseased look. These 3D transfers can go anywhere on your body; you decide where they look best. ‘Outbreak’ refers to a rapid onset and spread of a disease, and if these transfers are any indication, you’ve got a horrific one! You’re bound the freak out all your friends when they see you wearing this crazy accessory. These 3D FX transfers would perfectly suit costumes such as zombie, disease victim, monster, or any variety of creative options.


You can expect the best from Tinsley, a top manufacturer or costume accessories and products. These latex-free transfers are applied easily using a wet cloth, and removed later on with no problem. These high quality 3D FX transfers are guaranteed to look great, feel great, and provoke an awesome reaction from all who see you.