Tinsley 3D FX Transfers - Exit Wound


Creating the realistic look of a bullet’s exit wound, these Tinsley 3D FX Transfers are one of the top products of their kind. Are you choosing a costume which requires some dramatic wounds and signs of violence? With so many popular television crime shows, perhaps you’re keen to play your favourite unlucky character. This is an awesome choice; the accessory that truly completes your costume. The Tinsley 3D FX Transfers-Exit Wound can be applied to your skin anywhere you choose on your body. Purchasers frequently use these on the shoulder, chest, or face, to give an added effect.


Tinsley brand transfers are produced with materials of the highest standard, making them the hottest on the market, the most realistic, and the easiest to use. If you’re hoping to make that bold statement at your next event, definitely consider these 3D FX Transfers; they’re certain to make you the talk of the party.