Special FX Retractable Vampire Fangs


Part of a vampire’s mystical abilities is the power of concealment. A vampire only shows himself when he chooses to be revealed. Just like Dracula, you can harness the power of the great reveal. These Special FX Retractable Vampire Fangs give you total control over the appearance and disappearance of your vampire visage.


Using warm water, you’ll soften the fang material, and then gently fit the fangs into your mouth over the back molars. A few minutes will solidify the application of the fangs into your mouth, where they remain until you want them to be shown. Just a flick of your tongue will retract the fangs, giving your friends a total shock! These vampire fangs are more fun than typical fangs, as they give you that extra level of dramatic intensity. Top quality accessories, the Retractable Vampire Fangs are a ‘must-have’ item for your next costume party. Please note, if you have missing, misshaped, broken teeth or a small mouth, the tooth wells in this product may not sit in the correct position and the product may not work.