Sclera UV Amazo Contact Lenses Pair


These lenses will “amazo” you! Our Sclera UV Amazo Contact Lenses feature a mystical, captivating light yellow colour. This colour pervades your eye, leaving a small black pupil in the middle. These cool sclera lenses would fantastic with a reptilian costume, or also great with insect or other creature costumes. The glow provided by these UV lenses is super awesome, and you won’t regret your purchase!


 Please note - This product is not always held in stock and may take up to 5 days for delivery.


The Sclera lenses provide the ultimate transformation for the wearer, covering the entire eye. This creates a truly unique look, all while maintaining the comfort ColourVue is known for providing.  These crazy contacts are 6-month lenses, sold in a vial. All of our lenses are ColourVUE brand lenses: a top brand known for superior quality. ColourVUE crazy contact lenses are TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approved for the Australian market, and are recommended and used by optometrists throughout the country. Our lenses are made with Hydrogel, a material which creates a light and flexible lens material that is extremely comfortable to wear. ColourVUE contact lenses are known for their stability, comfort, and durability--setting the standard for lens products worldwide. With over one hundred available styles and designs, ColourVUE is the premium choice for contact lenses.