Scarecrow Vampire Fangs - Small DeLuxe


For the smaller mouths, Scarecrow Vampire Fangs- Small Deluxe are just the ticket. You’ll look like a wild little demon with these super-realistic looking fangs. The vampire fangs are extremely easy to use, with an included adhesive that will fit the fangs to your upper or lower canine teeth. Once fitted, these vampire fangs are completely reusable; to wear them you just snap them in, and voila, instant vampire.




The Scarecrow brand is well-known for its top quality products, and the Vampire Fangs are no different. No vampire costume or look is complete without the addition of sharp fanged teeth. Alongside the right makeup and costume, these fangs will make your outfit, and cause fright to all who encounter you. Don’t let the sun come up on you before you’ve purchased the best of the best in vampire costume accessories.