Scarecrow Vampire Fangs - Original


Scarecrow Vampire Fangs- Original are one of our best selling items. Perfect with a variety of costumes, these fangs are of the highest quality on the market. Nothing transforms your look more than your teeth, so if it’s the vampire look you’re going for, these stick on fangs will do the trick. They create an intense image and compliment vampire looks tremendously. Comfortable to wear and easy to use, these fangs can be applied to your upper teeth or your lower teeth using a simple adhesive.


This Original size is meant for adult or larger sized mouths and teeth. The fangs are reusable so once they’ve been fitted uniquely to your teeth you can use them for years. So, if all that blood-sucking action isn’t enough for just one party, you can take on a new persona night after night. Just don’t be caught in daylight!