La Riche Directions 40 Vol Hair lightening kit

La Riche Directions 40 Vol Hair lightening kit


La Riche Directions 40 Vol kits are best used by people with darker hair types. If you have really dark brown to medium brown hair the 40 Vol kit is for you. These bleach kits are specially made so you can get the best results using Directions hair dye. The cream peroxide is specially formulated containing Avocado Oil and Seaweed Extract that will help condition and protect your hair during the hair lightening process. Bleaching your hair opens up the pores in your hair to allow the dye to be soaked up. We do not recommend placing the dye directly onto untreated hair as it will wash out fast!

Ever wondered how some people with coloured hair manage to keep it so vivid for so long? They don't wash it very often! A great product to use is called Dry Hair Shampoo. This is a spray on product that cleans the hair without having to wash out the dye using shampoo and water.


Directions Hair Lightening Kits are specially formulated to condition and help protect your hair while going through the lightening process. Use this kit prior to using Directions Hair colour. It achieves a lighter tone and leaves hair conditioned and shiny.

Kits contains everything you need for pre lightening including a small tint brush and mixing tray.