Joyous Hair Colour Mascara


Joyous Hair Colour Mascara is another of our amazing products that can easily transform the colour of your hair without the hassle to dye it permanently! 

To use this product, simply brush it into dry hair using the handy dip applicator supplied with each tube. Blow dry the hair to dry the mascara cream and at the same time brush it with a large brush or comb. Once the mascara cream is dry simply comb it with the small brush supplied to remove and excess product.

Perfect for people who want to change their hair colour for special occasions such as Worlds Greatest Shave. Even children can use this product safely! 

Joyous Hair Colour Chalk contains natural plant pigment colour so is safe to use.

Comes in 12 different colours




Peach (Pinky peach colour)

Medium Blue


Wine Red (slight Burgundy colour) 

Brick Red

Red Ochre

Golden Yellow