Glamour Blue Colour Contact Lenses Pair

Glamour Blue Colour Contact Lenses Pair


This Glamour Blue Colour Contact Lenses from ColorVUE sets the new standard for a blue iris colour. The striking blue hue of this pair is the sure coolest way to not go unnoticed. If you are one who's looking to catch that new look, or simply want to make that attractive first impression, then this pair of coloured contact lenses should be the one for you. On top of this pair's aesthetic qualities, its comfort and quality is never compromised-- exactly what you get with contact lenses from ColorVUE. Match this up with your style and you're just about good to go! Please note, we do not recommend Glamour Blue on darker eyes. Glamour Aqua are an excellent choice on darker eyes! 

ColourVUE contact lenses are TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approved for the Australian market. Our lenses are used and recommended by optometrists throughout Australia, owing to its superior quality. Made with the latest Hydrogel material, ColorVUE contact lenses are known for its stability, comfort, and durability; setting the standards for products of its kind. With over one hundred styles and designs, ColorVUE has got everything you look for in a contact lens.



  • Hydrogel material specially manufactured for ColourVUE
  • Superior comfort with excellent high oxygen permeability
  • Perfect colour blend technology
  • Precision Cast molding and lathe cut process
  • Ultra thin design (-0.06mm)
  • Colour layers that are sandwiched making them very safe to wear
  • Designs to suit light and dark eye colours
  • TGA Approved in Australia 
  • European CE approved
  • Over 100 colour and crazy contact lens designs available


  • Water content - 45%
  • Base curve - 8.6mm
  • Diameter - 14mm, 14.5mm and 15mm (Big Eyes series)
  • Centre thickness - 0.06
  • Manufacturing method - Front Surface: Lathe cutting 3 layer sandwich. Base surface: Cast molding. Full cast molding 15mm lenses (Big Eyes, Eyelush and Elegance series)
  • Process used - Tint method complete absorption polymerization 
  • Material - Hydrogel Terpolymer
  • Packaging - 2 lenses per box
  • Replacement - 3 months (crazy and colour) 6 months (mini sclera and full sclera)

Please consult your eye specialist / optometrist before wearing contact lenses