Electro Yellow Medusa Eye Shadow


With a hue like golden sunshine, the Electro Yellow Medusa Eye Shadow is an incomparable option in cosmetic wear! This is a very popular eye shadow, and it’s not hard to see why. You can pair this shadow with any outfit you choose--it works well for either day or night. Medusa’s lines of shadows are all of an outstanding quality. You can feel secure knowing you’re purchasing one of the best cosmetic products on the market.

 The Electro Yellow Medusa Eye Shadow is a pressed mineral shadow, meaning it is silky smooth in texture and a real joy to use. The shadow applies easily and won’t easily rub off, meaning you can rock your look for hours on end. Colour pigments and micro sparkles add to the dimensional beauty of the shadow, and your look will be tremendously enhanced when you wear this product. Go for the exciting choice with this eye shadow!


This eye shadow is highly pigmented, soft and contains a lot of sparkle. Comes in a rainbow of gorgeous electro shades. These colours work perfectly along side our Directions Hair Dye colours and any of the products in the Lime Crime Cosmetics Range!

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