Electro Turquoise Medusa Eye Shadow

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Float about like a gorgeous sea maiden when you wear the Electro Turquoise Medusa Eye Shadow. This amazing colour is a true enhancement to any eye. The shadow can be worn by day for a fun, festive look, or put on for an evening out dancing or dining. Either way, you’re look will be complete and beautiful.

 When purchasing this eye shadow, you can feel confident that you’re choosing a product with a great reputation for quality. Medusa cosmetic products are some of the finest in the industry, and you’ll be delighted with the look and feel of each item. The Electro Turquoise Medusa Eye Shadow has incredible hues due to the presence of multiple colour pigments within the shadow. Made of finely pressed minerals, the shade feels lovely to put on, and you’ll adore your look for hours to come. Micro sparkles within the shadow also imbue your lids with a brilliant sheen, sure to catch eyes from across the crowded dance floor.


This eye shadow is highly pigmented, soft and contains a lot of sparkle. Comes in a rainbow of gorgeous electro shades. These colours work perfectly along side our Directions Hair Dye colours and any of the products in the Lime Crime Cosmetics Range!

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