Electro Green Medusa Eye Shadow

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Electro Green Medusa Eye Shadow makes a gorgeous addition to your current cosmetics collection. Medusa brand cosmetics are top of the line, known for their outstanding make and quality. This stunning colour will bring you lots of attention when worn to your next big event as it is a bold emerald hue that enhances your eyes dramatically.

 You can feel pleased with your purchase when you buy Medusa eye shadows. Made from the finest ingredients, this mineral eye shadow has a luscious, soft texture, and goes on smoothly. This shadow is known for its long-lasting wear ability, and can be worn day or night. The pressed minerals contain a high number of pigments, giving the product a vibrant hue. The unique micro sparkles add that special touch of glamour to your look.  If you’re looking to make a statement, the Electro Green Medusa Eye Shadow will be your best friend.

This eye shadow is highly pigmented, soft and contains a lot of sparkle. Comes in a rainbow of gorgeous electro shades. These colours work perfectly along side our Directions Hair Dye colours and any of the products in the Lime Crime Cosmetics Range!

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