Blackout One Day Wear Crazy Contact Lenses Pair

$25.00 $19.95

Blackout crazy contact lenses will make your pupils look fully dilated. Removing the colour of your iris, you will give yourself a bold, intense statement. Our Blackout lenses can be worn for many different inventive costumes such as creepy dolls, possessed souls, demons and the undead!


Wear for 1 day then throw away.


New ColourVue One Day Wear lenses are available in 6 popular designs.

  • Great for one off events and shows
  • Daily disposable lenses for maintenance free fun
  • Material contains a high water content at 55%
  • SmartEdge design for zero lens awareness
  • Easy to handle with no edge curling
  • Lower cost that our normal crazy contact lenses
  • Contains 2 lenses per box