UV Glow Contact Lenses

Our line of Crazy Contact Lenses got a huge upgrade with the introduction of UV Glow contact lenses! Seen under normal lighting conditions, this lens looks just like a normal pair of Party Contacts, albeit a bit brighter. Whatever the color, nobody will be the wiser with the lights turned on, but as soon as you step inside the club they will instantly make you the life of the party. This special UV Glow Lens will start glowing under the UV disco lights, drawing attention to your eyes from the other side of the club.

We currently have six awesome designs for these lenses, and if you want to buy cheap contact lenses that will have everybody looking at you then the UV Glow Party Contacts are the best fit. Whether we're talking about the usual eye colors - blue, electric blue or green, or the ones that are a bit more special - pink, orange or red, they're all equally awesome.

As always, our lenses are made from the special Hydrogel material, which gives them added comfort and durability. You just put the lenses on and you can forget you’re wearing them. This is the reason why they’re bought, used and recommended by optometrists throughout Australia.