Sclera Contact Lenses

Our line of Sclera Crazy Contact Lenses is a perfect fit for those that want to go that extra mile with their Halloween costume and regular corneal contact lenses aren't enough. If you want to buy cheap contact lenses that will completely transform the way you look browse our Sclera Crazy Contact Lenses catalogue and you're bound to find something you'll love.

Scleral lenses differ from the regular contact lenses mainly because they are larger, and cover the entire eye, a much larger surface area than a regular lens. As is the case with normal lenses, these were first invented for therapeutical purposes, but their uses have now expanded to be worn on Halloween or Theatrical costumes, fun Party Contacts, and for a ton of other situations. Today, our Sclera Crazy Contact Lenses bring awesomeness to a whole new level by covering your entire eye and transforming your appearance in a matter of seconds.

Our lenses are made from a material called Hydrogel, built in accordance with the highest standards of comfort, durability and stability. Used and recommended by doctors all over Australia, they can be found in many styles – just start browsing through our category to see just how many options you have.