Lime Crime Cosmetics

The ultimate cosmetics line cannot possibly be complete without the Lime Crime Makeup. Ladies from all over the world have fallen for the quality cosmetics that are a great balance between high quality and low price.

The first item in this cosmetics kit is the Lipstick, which comes in a huge variety of colors which can go with just about any outfit, for any event. From Velvetines to Hollygram Lime, there are many different shades you can try, and many will definitely suit your taste in colour.

If our Colour Contact Lenses aren't enough eye bling for you, then you should try an eye liner from the Lime Crime Makeup set. The combination between them and the colour contacts will make for an incredibly astounding effect and with many combinations for you to choose from you can go wild!

You can also try the nail polish from the same set. It is easy to apply, also comes in a wide variety of colors and shades, and will complete your makeup in just minutes.

Our products are vegan friendly and they have not been tested on animals, so you can enjoy the makeup line and know that they are as eco friendly as possible

Sorry, there are no products in this collection yet.