ColourVUE Eyelush Colour Contact Lenses

The Eyelush Colour Contact Lenses are some of our more extravagant colour contacts. They have an unique "Lush" design, which adds a mysterious feel to the lenses. A dark outer ring is preceded by a seducing pattern rich in vibrant colors, making the Eyelush Colour Lenses some of the best looking contact lenses we've ever sold. They are available in six different colors: Aqua, Blue, Green, choco, Brown and Grey; each color gives the lenses an unique look, and they can be easily changed to reflect your outfit or your mood.

The Eyelush Colour Contacts are the latest to come off the assembly line, and they are produced using a new system called "full cast mould" system, which guarantees unprecedented comfort and handling of the lenses. Furthermore, they are made from the same "Hydrogel" material that all ColorVUE lenses are made from, which ensures comfort, durability and stability when worn.

If you are going to an extravagant party, a wedding, or another event where you need an accessory to bring you that extra something that will be guaranteed to get you noticed, then the Eyelush Colour Contacts are the perfect solution. Used and recommended by optometrists throughout Australia, they can be yours right now.