ColourVUE Basics Colour Contact Lenses

In our ColourVUE lineup of Colour Contact Lenses, we have contacts for every taste out there. Many of them are designed to be as outlandish as possible, to fit with just about any Halloween costume, or be used as Party Contacts to glow in the dark. But if you only want a simple effect with none of the "bling" that the other lenses have, then the Basics line is just for you.

The Basics Colour Contact Lenses are the perfect combination between old and new. They take us where it all started by providing just a simple, basic change of eye colour, instead of the numerous and sometimes extravagant combinations that we see in other models; at the same time, they are downright futuristic when it comes to the way they are actually built:

The Basics, just like all other of the ColourVUE Contact Lenses, are made from a material called Hydrogel, which makes them extra durable and stable when worn. In addition to that, they are constructed to be comfortable even after hours of continuous wear.

So whether you want blue, green, grey or brown (Honey Colour), if you'd love to change your eye color in a subtle way, then the Basics line is just perfect for you.