Things that Should Be Considered While Buying Cosmetic Contact Lenses

29 June, 2016

It is beautiful to have a beautiful pair of eyes, and more beautiful if you can just add the right tint of glamor to it! Maybe this is the reason why wearing color contact lenses are so prevalent these days. Cosmetic or decorative lenses are the two broader categories of contact lenses that can help you with the best vampish or animal look. But no matter how attractive a lens might look, the principle of ‘one size fits for all’ is not applicable here. It means before buying your pair of lenses; you first need to consult a specialist.

Check the Prominent Perception:

It is wrong to perceive lenses just for the sake of fashion or as a visual accessory. There is a medical cum eye care perspective added to them. Being one of the most delicate body parts, one cannot afford to experiment with eyes by choosing an unsafe pair of lenses. So before you are planning to pick your lenses, make sure to choose an FDA-approved pair.

Know about the damages:

A dangerous pair of lenses can harm your visual essence in more than many ways. As reported by physicians, unsafe color contact lenses can report:

  • Open soreness or cuts in the protective layer of eyes, especially in iris and pupil. The irritation has the potential of damaging eyes causing permanent blindness or bacterial infection.


  • Allergies resulted from contact lenses can go to the painful extent of corneal transplants. In certain cases, it might lead to permanent loss of vision.


  • Low quality contact lenses also come with the high risk of developing keratitis (a medical condition which causes an ulcer on the affected eyes). According to a prominent study, about 60 percent people who develop keratitis are found using the unprescribed pair of lenses.
It is always recommended to go for a routine eye checkup before buying contact lenses because eye measurement is important for fitting contacts properly. If you are prone to eye allergies then avoid using lenses. Maintain the core cleanliness essence of lenses like wearing them with clean hands, checking the expiry date of the disinfectant, keeping lenses in cold places, etc.
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