The Online Celebration of Halloween- Quick Ways to Make the Best Use of Social Media

24 October, 2016

The fragrance of Halloween celebration is blooming all around the world, and digital media is not a disdain part of this festive fun. You can easily find ghosts, goblins, bats and ghouls being there in the social media which make it really exciting and interesting. So today, check out how you can make the best use of the social platform to entertain your followers and friends with the best of Halloween bliss.

  1. Customize your Social Profile with Theme Halloween:

From cover images to the profile picture, and social media content, make sure to centralize every single thing within theme Halloween. Here is how you can do it- place cobweb graphics in your image, add some bats to it, do a bit of zombie makeup with the headshot, keep the lighting low and do tits of artwork around the image. There are ample of Halloween theme images available over the net these days, and all you have to do is to pick the best one and customize it with your personal image.

  1. Celebrate your Halloween idea much before the final date of festival:

Halloween celebrations could be a complete festive month in social media if you make plans to share each and every update of your party ideas in the virtual platforms. For instance, I am going to buy my favorite set of big eye contact lenses this Halloween- this is where I will do my grocery shopping- the finding of Halloween character or how I made the costume video, etc.- you can do a couple of things this year. It could be just like a travel diary thing!

  1. A Halloween Contest

Social media is probably the best place to have interactive conversations with the audiences. Engage your people in an interactive Halloween contest and ask them questions related to the festive celebration. For instance, submit a photo of a famous Halloween costume and ask questions related to it, share your thoughts about Halloween candies, custom, history, and so on: do every bit to entertain your audience.

  1. Go Cross-promotional:

If you believe in the sharing culture, then go for cross-promotional sharing i.e. sharing links from other people and platform. This Halloween, go with the idea of spreading festive inspiration no matter whether it is self-created or uploaded by someone else. There are different social media platform that you can use to cross-promote your Halloween strategy in a convenient manner.

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