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5 Quick Tips to Keep your Eyes ‘Contact Lens’ Friendly

22 December, 2016

They say eyes are the index to soul- small, big, dark or light, it doesn’t make a difference! You might have had a hard time in finding the best suited pair of colored contact lenses for yourself and it is absolutely fine unless and until you know that eyes are important and they need care. In fact with eyes, care is the only key that you must consider. Keeping that in mind, here are some quick tips that everyone should follow to help their eyes. Here you go!

  1. Shop your pair from a reliable vendor:

Choose a retailer that is approved by a countrywide organization and adheres to the medical safety standards. Trusting a reliable retailer is very important because otherwise, you will never be able to get sure of where you are investing your money. Check their official website, verify their licenses, and confirm the authority. Never say yes to a suspicious pair of color contact lenses.

  1. Size verification is important

Wearing a wrong pair of lenses, especially in respect to the size, is not a right decision to make. You can see that circular lenses come in diameters and since the diameter varies, each of them can give you a distinctive look. The range of appearance can differ from a subtle look to an extremely dolled up eye look.

  1. Care is the ultimate key

The care story of lenses, whether colored or power lenses, is more or less same. They all need hygiene and care. Wash your hands before wearing lenses, use sanitizer, dry hands with a cotton cloth, clean the lens case with solution daily, and add limit your lens use to 8 hours daily.

  1. Never force your eyes:

In the case of irritation or allergy, avoid the use of contact lenses with immediate effects. You can also use lenses with eye drops to lubricate the eyes and rewet the pair of lenses. Never compromise with the sensitivity of your eyes.

  1. Check the protein Deposit

While using your favorite pair of colored contact lenses, make sure to first book an appointment with the doctor to test the level of protein deposited on your contacts. You can help the removal of protein with the use of protein removal tablets.

The Four Types of Colored Contact lenses!

19 August, 2015

Creating an all new exciting yet dynamic look with the help of colored contact lenses is quite simple. While most of us love using these types of lenses, little do we know about the details associated with this little delight! Do you know that there are three major types of contact lenses that have the capacity of changing the color of your eyes? Discover more and have a look:

  • Enhancement: The first type of tint in colored contact lenses is the enhancement that doesn’t have a very extraordinary change in color yet gives a shade of natural hue to your eyes. Enhancement tint is best when you want to make your eye shade darker.
  • Color tint: Looking for a dramatic shift in eye color? How about using Zombie Contact Lenses that is best for a Halloween bash? If it is the case with you, then color tint lenses are indeed to most recommended thing for you. It doesn’t matter whether your eye color is dark or light, what matters the most is choosing the right tint for you.
  • Theatrical Lenses: As far as theatrical lenses are concerned, it is nothing but an accessory for the user.
  • Get that right amount of appeal and special effect with the aid of these lenses. Go ahead and define your eyes in the most unanimous way!
  • Handling Lenses: As such, handling lenses have no color or beautification usage! They are more for enhancing the visual appeal and sight of a user. Use a pair of handling lenses and it will not affect the shade of your eyes.
  • While using a set of colored lenses, it is preferable to first consult with your physician. Selecting the right pair of lenses that goes in accordance with the purpose and health of the user should be a priority. In case you are looking for wearing lenses for a special occasion, the switch to something more interesting and appealing.