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5 Awesome Halloween Eye Makeup that Won Hearts in 2015

03 November, 2015

No matter how much we are in love with the idea of perfect makeup and costumes, when it comes to Halloween, a super amazing spooky look is desired by all. Now since Halloween bash and celebrations have just passed, we have listed the 5 best spooky Halloween eye makeup that won many hearts this year. Would you like to try some of them? Go ahead with the list:

  • The Sensational Spiderwebbed Eyes:
    Spiderwebbed Eyes
  • Unlike the messy spiderweb décor, the Spiderwebbed eye gives the perfect creepy and crawly effect. How about using the same eye makeup with an amazing little black dress, pumps and crazy contact lenses? Now this is surely going to be fun!
  • The Antique Touch of Cleopatra:Cleopatra
  • Our personal favorite, the seductive Cleopatra look should be taken from the iconic movie Cleopatra, released in the year 1963. I am sure nobody can easily forget the inspiring character played by the very own Liz Taylor. Recreating the similar magic was certainly the most amazing idea this Halloween!
  • The shady peacock palette:peacock eyeshadow palette
  • Just with a subtle mixture of few shades, you can create that amazing peacock eye makeup for your next Halloween bash. As far as peacock palette is concerned, you can use a blend of 5 different colors to create the desired effect. How about using some feather and hair paints? Well, it will be sheer amazing!
  • The Third Eye Magic:Third Eye Blind
  • You can create the super amazing ‘third eye’ effect at two places- firstly, in the forehead and secondly, on the lips. The third eye magic effect is more of an artistic look that requires drawing skills. You have to create that magic in appearance with the help of fake eyelashes, dual eye-shades, and base cream.
  • Mesmerizing Maleficent:Mesmerizing Maleficent
  • We all remember Angelina Jolie playing the beautiful Maleficent! Also, the antagonist of Walt Disney’s Sleeping beauty has a magical effect on all of us. How about using the same idea for next Halloween celebrations? The idea was quite a hit this time, and since it is empowered with the timeless charm, we are sure it will create an endless appeal.