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5 Quick Tips to Keep your Eyes ‘Contact Lens’ Friendly

22 December, 2016

They say eyes are the index to soul- small, big, dark or light, it doesn’t make a difference! You might have had a hard time in finding the best suited pair of colored contact lenses for yourself and it is absolutely fine unless and until you know that eyes are important and they need care. In fact with eyes, care is the only key that you must consider. Keeping that in mind, here are some quick tips that everyone should follow to help their eyes. Here you go!

  1. Shop your pair from a reliable vendor:

Choose a retailer that is approved by a countrywide organization and adheres to the medical safety standards. Trusting a reliable retailer is very important because otherwise, you will never be able to get sure of where you are investing your money. Check their official website, verify their licenses, and confirm the authority. Never say yes to a suspicious pair of color contact lenses.

  1. Size verification is important

Wearing a wrong pair of lenses, especially in respect to the size, is not a right decision to make. You can see that circular lenses come in diameters and since the diameter varies, each of them can give you a distinctive look. The range of appearance can differ from a subtle look to an extremely dolled up eye look.

  1. Care is the ultimate key

The care story of lenses, whether colored or power lenses, is more or less same. They all need hygiene and care. Wash your hands before wearing lenses, use sanitizer, dry hands with a cotton cloth, clean the lens case with solution daily, and add limit your lens use to 8 hours daily.

  1. Never force your eyes:

In the case of irritation or allergy, avoid the use of contact lenses with immediate effects. You can also use lenses with eye drops to lubricate the eyes and rewet the pair of lenses. Never compromise with the sensitivity of your eyes.

  1. Check the protein Deposit

While using your favorite pair of colored contact lenses, make sure to first book an appointment with the doctor to test the level of protein deposited on your contacts. You can help the removal of protein with the use of protein removal tablets.

How to Plan the SCARIEST Halloween Party!

02 June, 2015

Halloween parties is not all about a house decorated with pumpkins- where half of the audience would come wearing some paper skeletons (rest would be least interested in performing) and the tone of the entire setting is influenced by a creepy Halloween song. Halloween fun is much more than that! It is about interesting costumes, exciting accessories, groovy setting and unique ideas compiled in one exuberant party. So in case you are about to throw a Halloween bash, here is what you need to do in order to make it the most remarkable one. Have a look at the party preparation tips!

  • Plan for a perfect 'Location': Ideally, Halloween parties are expected at homes but you can also make it an outdoor event. Work hard on the 'Wh' factors- where to throw the party, who all will be invited, what will be the theme, how many people will be attending it and what are the timing details.
  • Set a 'Theme' for the Party: Though Halloween in itself is a theme but it is too broad as a concrete theme! Make it narrow and a bit more specific. For instance, throw a party where every participant has to wear Sclera contact lenses. Other than this, you can also choose themes like Ghost, Dead Celebrity, Zombies, Clowns, Monsters and Vampires ( no denying the fact, these themes have been overused. Use something as innovative a sclera lenses).
  • Set a 'Theme' for the Party:If it's a party, people will always be thirsty and hungry. As a host, it becomes your duty to keep an appealing menu on track. Focus on the snacks and drinks, rather than just on the main course- appoint bartenders, use big glasses, keep everything organized and clean.
  • Keep the Entertainment Quotient Intact: You can either plan a small skit or a game for breaking the ice initially. The entertainment planning is directly related to the theme of the party. For instance, if the theme is of clowns then plan a Halloween circus for the party. The decoration could be old and wearied like a worn-out Circus theater- capture the feel of distress and gloominess in the mysterious setting. Rest, you can also go for DJ war or LIVE BAND for planning entertainment in your party.
  • Make the Decoration Interesting: Decoration decides the 'mood' and sets the 'feel' of the party! Once the theme is decided, plan the entire lighting and arrangement as per the theme. Use a lot of dark shade accessories and decorative for creating the right feel. For decoration, it is suggested to create pre-dedicated corners as in game stalls. For instance, a stall with 'Mummy Wrapped' can be used for both contest and decoration. Similarly, you can create stalls for Scavenger Hunt, Pass the Pumpkin, Ghost Stories, murder mystery and so on. Invite volunteers who could manage the stalls!
  • But above all, focus on the costumes, makeup, contact lenses and accessories for creating the right Halloween feel! Step ahead with something unique- this is what people will always appreciate in your Halloween party!