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This Christmas, Try These Glittery Eye Makeup Ideas to Win the Party Spirit

12 December, 2016

We declare glitter and shimmer as the official code for this Christmas season. It is something that you need to win the hearts and steal the show!

With Christmas and the New Year’s Eve on the cart, this time is probably the best time of the year when you can try to be an extra special and glittery- especially when you are willing to weave the magic through your eyes. When we personally talk about the glittery trends, we see the entire social media (be it Instagram, Facebook or Twitter) brimming with the shades of glossy and richly-pigmented inspo. Keeping this in mind, we have these 5 amazing glittery eye makeup ideas that we think you should definitely try this Christmas.

  1. Starry Eyes


Put a fantastic 3-D spin to your eye makeup by adding some gorgeous holographic stars along with the side corners of eyes. Keep it a balanced mixture of big and small stars and perfectly pair them with a fabulous set of hazel-eyed coloured contact lenses. Just see how beautiful it is going to look!

  1. Full Shimmer


Golden shimmer shadow teamed with a heavy charcolic black in your lashes and outlines is nothing but a perfect match for this Christmas celebrations. Dash it out in bushy look and even if you want to highlight your bone brow by adding extra shimmers, go for it.

  1. Plain Glossy Eyelids


If you want to keep your style subtle and not something too glittery or shimmery then goes for the gloss. Add the plain fine layer of clear gloss over a matte eye shadow and just wear it out with all your grace and confidence. Trust us- you are going to win the show.

  1. Adding glitters under the eyes


Turn the makeup trend upside down by reversing the routine method of wearing an eye makeup. Add all the shines and glimmers beneath the eyes while keeping the upper portion subtle with light hues. You can also pair it with a cat eye look.

  1. Golden Streaks

The glimpse of gold in the inner, upper and lower corners of the eyes looks simply mesmerizing. Fill your eyes with the golden delight and shine on during the holidaying season.

10 Ways to Keep your Makeup Gorgeously Winter-Proof

22 July, 2016

The harshness of winter weather can disturb the tender touch of your skin. It’s time to take some positive steps to regain the flawless beauty of your skin. Be winter ready with these amazing makeup tips and shine as bright as you can.

  1.  Avoid skin dullness by keeping your skin hydrated. The dead of winters can build some unwanted dry patches on your skin, and this can affect the radiant behavior of your skin. You can restore the facial glow through using a gentle exfoliant at least once in a week.

  1. Switch up your cleansing routine during winters to nourish your skin deeply. And instead of using foams or gel-based cleanser, use something that is more milky and creamy. Don’t forget to massage your skin every night before going to bed.

  1. In a snowy evening, if you will wear a heavy layer of foundation then it will certainly create some dry patches on your skin. Instead, moisturize your skin with a good lotion and create a thick layer of cream on your face before applying foundation. 

  1. No matter what season it might be, one must use sunscreen lotion throughout the year because skin-ravaging UV rays are present year-round. So if you have been following an SPF summer routine, continue the same during winters too.

  1. If it is windy out there, then you must use extra-moisturizing emollients to protect your skin and eyes. In fact, use hat or scarfs and cover your skin deep. You especially need to use shades if you have been using cosmetic contact lenses.

  1. Red face or inflamed skin is a regular problem during winters. You can use color correction concealer to hide the spots on face. A healthy moisturizer having calming ingredients can also help the pain areas.

  1. Winter wind and snow can cause makeup meltdown. In such a situation, you have to make sure whether the eye makeup is tear-proof or not. Use waterproof mascara and liner and shadow on the upper lids of your eyes.

  1. If your skin is overly dry, then use a hydrating mask or apply a thick layer of cream every night for at least 10-15 minutes before going to the bed.

  1. Crack lips can be best treated with a tinted lip balm that also promises the goodness of sunscreen. You can also choose to wear a moisturizing lipstick.

  1. Use blush to add colors of life in your skin. If you have fairer skin, then use warm colors like peach, otherwise, go for terracotta tone.

5 Eye Makeup Trends to Wear This Autumn Season

16 June, 2016

Beauty inspires everyone and same has happened with us! Being simply blown with some fantastic eye makeup trend this autumn season, we wish to share this inspirational delight with all through this blog post. Grow your quest for creativity and unravel these gorgeous makeup tips to be fashion ready. Have a look at the 5 best and latest eye creative trends that you cannot afford to miss this Autumn Season.

  1. The Darkness of Black Smoky Eyes:


Smoke eyes have been an endless inspiration for quite a while now and time and again, it has returned with a new twist in fashion tale. For the year 2016, smoky eye makeup would be all about matte shades. Color the outside rim of your eyes and use a medium or large eyeshadow brush to bring the desired results.

  1. The Raw Touch of Uneven-ness:

Pick a dark shade lipstick, some gloss or matte colors, and mess it up with a gorgeous gaudy plum- it is all about uneven experimentation and haphazard in makeup. Keep the eye makeup raw and untamed with uneven eyebrows. It is the perfect wild look that you might need this season.

  1. The magic of metallic:

Try something in metallic to make a bold fashion statement this season and introduce yourself to the love of bronze. Mix it with hues like orange if you have a dusky complexion. You can also mix it with the smoky eye makeup style.

  1. Highlighting the inner eye rims:

Draw everybody’s attention as you walk down the lane with beautiful eye makeup highlighting the inner edges of your eyes. It is simple, easy to implement and a recurring style that visits the fashion industry every year.

  1. Dark Waterlinings:

The sweet old styles of the 90s are back and just look at the way it is here- in grace and glamour filled with every bit of fashion. Still wondering why Jeffree star makeup is so famous? Well, the secret is here, and it is simply because the good old inspiration of dark Waterlinings in eyes has never faded old. Didn’t you just love it?

Know the New Beauty Trends with Lime Crime Make Up

02 June, 2014


Every woman knows that a good day begins with the best beauty routine and great things that she loves. Of course, you can modify whatever you want in the following routine depending of on the time you have and the things that make you happy. The best thing that I have ever seen in an everlasting makeup is that makeup, should never look made up; otherwise it may turn your face down. Simple makeup ideas with the best products like lime crime makeup works better than everything else available in shops.

 As you start using more and more makeup products to look good, you get addicted to it. What about returning to our real life where any product can damage your skin and ultimately affects your beauty. So it is an advice for women around the corners of this world to trust on original products just as lime crime makeup products helping women to look more gorgeous.

“Beauty reveals the sweet thoughts of a woman”

When it comes to make up this season less is more, therefore, apply less makeup. You can look as good and as pretty if you apply good and everlasting products. Lime crime products are so cheap to buy from online stores. They also provide you great discount offers on beauty products. So, why go anywhere else when you can simply buy your favorite stuff from the internet by comfort of your home. Never forget beauty makes the world beautiful. Give a unique finishing touch with a brand new range of lime crime that will astonish your comfort with beauty products.