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How to apply eye liner perfectly to give dramatic look to your eyes

28 January, 2015

Eye liner, if applied appropriately, can change shape of your eyes and make them look appealing. Using a liquid liner or pencil liner or gel liner is totally your decision. Select the one that you think is the best for your eyes.

Mentioned below are some of the instructions that you need to follow to apply liner perfectly to your eyes.

  • Firstly, it is very important to buy the best liner for your eyes. Make your purchase for high quality liner.
  • When applying liner, stretch your skin slightly by pulling side of your eyelids outwards.
  • Start from the inner corner of your eyes and stay near to the lash line as much as you can.
  • Draw a thin line and follow the natural curve of your eyes. If you want a more appealing look, make the line thicker in the outer corner.
  • After that, draw along the edges of the lower eye lashes. Connect the lower liner with the upper liner in the outer corner of the eye.
  • Lastly, dust translucent powder on your liner to keep it set at its place.
  • A few more tips and warnings!
  • If you make use of a pencil liner, then make sure that you have sharpened it before applying it on your eyes.
  • Apply liner before applying mascara and after applying eye shadow.
  • Always make use of eye makeup remover to correct your mistakes that may occur while applying eye makeup.
  • A few tips for buying the best eye shadow color

    17 December, 2014

    Eye makeup is incomplete without eye shadow as it accentuates eyes. Applying a medusa eye shadow is a must, if you want to enhance beauty of your eyes and make them look appealing. When it comes to buy an eye shadow, some women may find it difficult to select an appropriate color. Don’t ever buy a shade just because you like it. Choose the best color after taking into account several factors mentioned below.

      • Your eye color

    Always take into account the color of eyes before you purchase any type of eye makeup. Locate the best color according to the original color of your eyes. For instance, women with green eyes should try purple eye shadow. Doing so will make your eyes look bold and impressive. On the other hand, brown shade is the best for females with blue eyes.

      • Current season

    This can really simplify your job of choosing a trendy and classic eye shadow. Buying an eye shadow according to the seasons will give you a wide range of options to choose from. For example, in winters, it would be a fair idea to choose colors such as nay blue. Pink and peaches are the best for springs

      • Color of your attire

    Also, keep in mind the color of your attire while making purchase for eye shadow. In addition to this, do not forget your skin tone. Such small things really make a big difference. Explore different options available in the market and buy the color that suits you the most.

    Make your eyes impressive and expressive with medusa eye shadow

    27 November, 2014

    It is rightly said that eyes speak more than words. Eyes are one of the attractive features on the face that have ability to grab attention of others. You can make your eyes look more beautiful by applying some eye makeup. Medusa eye shadow is one of the important components of eye makeup. Eye makeup is incomplete without eye shadow.

    Applying eye shadow is not a simplest thing to do but not as difficult as most of the females think. There is a special technique for applying it to enhance beauty of the eyes. With regular practice, you can easily master the art of applying eye shadow.

    Here are some tips that you should follow before applying eye shadow:

    • Always keep in mind that your main goal is to enhance beauty of your eyes, so choose the best color according to the color of your eyes.
    • Generally, three colors are required known as the base, highlighter and the main color.Always begin with a light shade and then move upwards with a dark shade
    • Make sure that colors you have applied work in harmony with each other. Blend the colors in a way that makes your eyes appealing and dramatic.
    • Most importantly, do not forget to take into consideration other make up elements. For example, if you have applied dark lip color, then go easy with the eyes means apply a light shade
    • In addition to this, you must be aware of some basic rules of makeup to get the desired look. For example, mascara should be used after applying eye shadow

    Make your eyes more expressive by applying lime crime eyeliner

    04 September, 2014

    Eyeliner is one of the most important elements in the make-up kit, which can give you dramatic look without consuming much time and efforts. Applying eyeliner is an art; with many techniques available, it is easy to master the stroke of perfection.

    Mentioned below are some of the tips that will help you in lining your eyes perfectly

  • Select a liner- Lime crime eyeliner is one of the best options that you will get in the market. However, beginners should start with an eye pencil.
  • Complete your entire eye make-up before you apply lining to your eyes.
  • Only use mascara after applying lining to your eyes.
  • Make use of your finger tip to hold outer corner of your eye.
  • Make sure that you will apply it close to the base of eyelashes. Don’t apply it in the rim of the eyes as it can cause irritation.
  • Applying lining to the lower eyelids is totally your choice. However, if you have used any dark eye shadow, avoid using it on your lower eyelids.
  • Applying liquid liner requires a lot of practice. It should be applied in one smooth stroke. However, you can use the pencil for stroking the area lightly. Apart from this, it is important to use the sharpened pencil to get the desired looks.
  • Don’t forget to use the matching eye shadow to give stunning look to your eyes.
  • Also, keep in mind basic eye care and make-up tips to maintain natural glory of your eyes!

    How to Do Smoky Eye Makeup

    13 August, 2014

    Getting sexy, smoky eyes is simple and makes you look more beautiful. No matter what your eye shape is, this sexy eye make-up will look fabulous on your face. They are actually perfect anytime and anywhere; it shows a little bit of mystery and appeal to your look. A perfectly applied lime crime eyeliner can do magic to the eyes and enhances an individual’s overall appearance.

    Following are the steps on how to do smoky eye makeup:
  • Firstly, select an eye shadow color; you can use black, brown or dark navy and then pick a matching lime crime eyeliner also.
  • Next step is to apply a thin layer of eye-base across the eyelids; eye-base should be of excellent quality and if you have dark circles around eyes, then apply a concealed.
  • Then, eye shadow or the powder matching your skin tone should be brushed using a fine pair of brushes.
  • In order to dress up the eye makeup a light shimmer can be applied.
  • Using an eyeliner pencil, draw a line around your eyes at lash line carefully.
  • Blend the eye shadow on the eyelid into the eyeliner smoothly.
  • Now, apply a second lighter layer of eye shadow near lashes and it should be blended upwards towards the crease.
  • The lower eye area can be lined using an eyeliner brush and the color can be blended using cotton.
  • Cleaning up and blending is done on the areas that require it for a more appealing look.
  • Lastly, two to three coats of mascara are evenly applied to give a better finish.