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5 Mindblowing Facts about Halloween that You Cannot Afford to Miss Today

07 October, 2016

The spookiest time of the year is around the corner where spirits like you and me can wander freely on the earth- it’s time for Halloween fun! But apart from trick-or-treating, visiting neighbors, wearing crazy makeup and creating fun havoc, what exactly do you know about Halloween? As the Halloween holiday knocks your door, learn a bit more about this fabulous celebration and make the most of it. We have some thoughts to share!

  1. Celts’ the brain behind Halloween Dressing idea:

It was Celts who believed that Halloween marks the time when the distance and boundaries between our world and the paranormal world are permeable. It's the time when spirit flows freely and thus one should wear weird costumes and masks during the celebration of the festival.

  1. Halloween derives its faith from Catholics:

The three-day long Hallowmas catholic holidays are celebrated in honor of saints and deceased people. The concept of celebrations started in the 11th century where the pope announced the onset of All Hallow’s Eve from 31st Oct to 2nd Nov.

    3. You might never see a full moon Halloween night before 2020:

All thanks to Hollywood and horror movies that we relate Halloween and witches flying over the full moon, but the truth have something else to say. Full Moon Halloween nights are rare and the most recent one that happened in the year 2001.

  1. The favorite Candy Corn was previously known as chicken feed:

I personally love them but never knew that my favorite candy corns were originally regarded as ‘butter cream’ and chicken feed’ candies back when George Renninger first invented them.

  1. Symbols that we use during Halloween are not random:

Every symbol comes with meaning, be it a black cat, bat or a spider. For instance, cat, bat, and spider symbolize witches and bad luck. We can even connect bat with the ancient Samhain ritual of creating a bonfire that attracted bats and repelled insects. Get your Sclera Crazy Contact Lenses today to create that fantastic Halloween look!



10 Outstanding Halloween Decoration Ideas to Have a Rocking Celebration in 2016

06 September, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween is around the corner, and it’s time to wrap all your worries and troubles to welcome the best season of the year afresh. But unlike others, Halloween is not all about celebrations…as it is more to do with the amazing dose of fun and excitement that the celebration brings. So here today, we have listed the 20 most spooktacular ideas to rock your Halloween in 2016.

1. Work on an Eerie Entrance with some spooky boo-ring and a scary grapevine wreath. How about decorating the entrance with some lighted candle pumpkins?

halloween spooky boo-ring
2. Dish out the buffet with some creepy serving pieces like an open plastic skull, bone-type spoons, Halloween candies, etc.

3. During Halloween, befriend pumpkin to make it your key element for decorations. Transform flowers to paint it with spooky black color and place them in a pumpkin vase.

4. Take old wine bottles to decorate them as ‘Poison Plants’. You can decorate your room like a mad laboratory to give it a vintage look.

5. Create a ‘green’ centerpiece with a lot of ivy garlands and crafted pumpkins. Try making it a bit of extra green.

6. Create some weird and spooky characters in your home that you can place at the entrance or anywhere in the room. How about creating jack-o-lanterns, dressed in kitchen cheesecloth in it?

7. Prepare a creepy display of tombstones with some shimmery skeletons on a macabre mantle. You can light it up with some long candles.

8. Pay special attention to the windows and dress them with some candlelight, candelabra, cobwebs and flying bats.

9. Create a display of old ‘but fake’ vintage photographs. Use a good amount of cobwebs to make the photo gallery look frightening and mysterious.

10. Last but not the least: assemble a ghostly figure with a heavy pumpkin head and super scary colour contact lenses on it. Drape it with cheesecloth