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This Christmas, Try These Glittery Eye Makeup Ideas to Win the Party Spirit

12 December, 2016

We declare glitter and shimmer as the official code for this Christmas season. It is something that you need to win the hearts and steal the show!

With Christmas and the New Year’s Eve on the cart, this time is probably the best time of the year when you can try to be an extra special and glittery- especially when you are willing to weave the magic through your eyes. When we personally talk about the glittery trends, we see the entire social media (be it Instagram, Facebook or Twitter) brimming with the shades of glossy and richly-pigmented inspo. Keeping this in mind, we have these 5 amazing glittery eye makeup ideas that we think you should definitely try this Christmas.

  1. Starry Eyes


Put a fantastic 3-D spin to your eye makeup by adding some gorgeous holographic stars along with the side corners of eyes. Keep it a balanced mixture of big and small stars and perfectly pair them with a fabulous set of hazel-eyed coloured contact lenses. Just see how beautiful it is going to look!

  1. Full Shimmer


Golden shimmer shadow teamed with a heavy charcolic black in your lashes and outlines is nothing but a perfect match for this Christmas celebrations. Dash it out in bushy look and even if you want to highlight your bone brow by adding extra shimmers, go for it.

  1. Plain Glossy Eyelids


If you want to keep your style subtle and not something too glittery or shimmery then goes for the gloss. Add the plain fine layer of clear gloss over a matte eye shadow and just wear it out with all your grace and confidence. Trust us- you are going to win the show.

  1. Adding glitters under the eyes


Turn the makeup trend upside down by reversing the routine method of wearing an eye makeup. Add all the shines and glimmers beneath the eyes while keeping the upper portion subtle with light hues. You can also pair it with a cat eye look.

  1. Golden Streaks

The glimpse of gold in the inner, upper and lower corners of the eyes looks simply mesmerizing. Fill your eyes with the golden delight and shine on during the holidaying season.

7 Things you need to do For Creating a Spooky Halloween Look

16 September, 2015

So the craziest time of the year i.e. the ‘super Halloween fun’ is around the corner! Aren’t you excited about the costume drama, dark make-up, delicious candies and fun-filled weekend? So how are you going to create a distinctive yet appealing look for the Halloween bash? Right before the party time, come and step forward to learn some amazing tips about the most desired ‘spooky Halloween look:


    1. Get a cheap set of face paints (rather than anything as heavy as a makeup). Sometimes, a simple paint like fake red can create the best impact of blood. In such a case, you can simply avoid a fancy product.
    2. Assemble your makeup kit! For creating a perfect spooky look, you need a handy set of makeup brushes, eyelashes glue, face paints, cotton, sponge, talcum and fake blood.
    3. Choose a pair of Halloween contact lenses that profoundly defines your spooky look. Always remember, your eyes have to be insightful and deep.
    4. In case you want to create a zombie flesh look, go for a mixture of black, white and green color. Though the appearance will be a slight streaky, the layered paint will create a fantastic crack effect.
    5. Going for a ‘teeth effect’ is also a nice idea! Use a mixture of pink, white and red color and outline your teeth with black and white shades. Add a tint of yellow to the final paste.
    6. A bit of accessories like zombie bites, cheek decay, cutter, zipper face and burned alive tattoos will add a fine dose of spookiness to the entire look.
    7. A nice hair-do that is more untidy than tidy will help the overall appearance in a fabulous manner.

Apart from this, wear an attitude that defines your look and make the most of it during the Halloween weekend.