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How to Create the Best Halloween Vampire Look: Quick Tips!

12 May, 2015

Neither Cat nor Zombie- for most of the people out there, Vampire character is the best Halloween appearance to choose! And why not, being disguised as a Vampire can be really interesting and exciting during a fun Halloween party. Needless to say, when you want to put a Vampire Costume, you cannot afford to ignore the detailing in make-up. It is what gives a defining edge to your appearance. So before you want to style like a modern day 'Dracula', here is what you need to understand. Read the following tips and get benefited:

  • Make your skin look 'Pale'! Since Vampires come out during nights, they have a pale wearied-out skin. Go for a similar look and use foundation for creating the base.
  • The use of foundation depends on your skin tone! Choose a foundation that makes your skin look pale.
  • Start applying foundation from the center of your face and move towards the jawline.
  • Don't create a tan look- understand the fact that Vampires keep themselves away from sun!
  • Use a darker shade as an eyeliner! Create a dramatic look with the help of a bold eyeliner and mascara. For creating a perfect Vampire look, use red eyeshadow on the interior walls of your eyes.
  • A blood red lipstick is all you need- it's a 'MUST' ingredient for a wonder Vampire look! You can also choose red lipstick in different kinds such as wet look, sparkle look, matte look and so on.
  • Sometimes, choosing a black lipstick can also create the desired 'goth' look for you- though it looks less Vampish!
  • Wear a gorgeous pair of contacts! Give yourself a nice Twilight look with the help of Golden Colored contact lenses. The other color options with lenses are blood red, black, cat eyes and so on.
  • Go for a darker hair shades (wonder a white face with dark hair shades) and straighten your hairs for a cult look.
  • Pick some of the finest Vampire costume accessories that can help you in create the scariest look- be it Cheeks Decay, Exit Wounds, Outbreaks, the Running Dead, Vampire Kisses and so on!