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3 Simple Steps to Make This Home-made Eyebrow Growth Serum

05 January, 2017

Paired with a magnificent set of colored lenses, when your gorgeous brows are both heavy and dense, nothing can simply replicate their quintessential beauty. Are you interested in making your brows the perfect long lashes delight? If it’s a BIG yes from your end, then here is the quickest way of doing so! Know the three easy DIY steps to prepare an eyebrow growth serum for yourself and get ready to look like your favorite Hollywood celebrity. Here you go!

All that you need to prepare a Home-Made Eyebrow Growth Serum

DIY eyebrow growth serums need some natural ingredients to give you the perfect beauty effect. Some of us are not born with regular long lashes, and some prefer wearing artificial lashes. While everyone wants beautiful lashes, only a few people do things that could really affect the natural growth faster.

Step 1:

Take a tablespoon of castor and coconut oil and mix it well with sweet almond and avocado’s oil. Mix it well and pour it to a container having mascara wand. Store the mixture in the fridge and apply single strokes every night.

Step 2:

Create a mixture of castor oil, vitamin E and argan oil and mix it with some cold-pressed nutrient-packed plant oils. Keep the mixture overnight and remove it in the morning with cold water. You have to pay special attention to places that have less hair growth.

Step 3:

Take another container having mascara wand and pour some castor oil and rosemary oil in it. Mix the container well and keep it in the fridge to create a fuller effect. You can try and apply this mixture three times in a day.

Buy the perfect set of big eyes contact lenses today because nothing is going to make your eyes look more beautiful and fuller with brows than such wonder pair of lenses. I am sure you are going to love the change in you- stay beautiful!

5 Quick Tips to Keep your Eyes ‘Contact Lens’ Friendly

22 December, 2016

They say eyes are the index to soul- small, big, dark or light, it doesn’t make a difference! You might have had a hard time in finding the best suited pair of colored contact lenses for yourself and it is absolutely fine unless and until you know that eyes are important and they need care. In fact with eyes, care is the only key that you must consider. Keeping that in mind, here are some quick tips that everyone should follow to help their eyes. Here you go!

  1. Shop your pair from a reliable vendor:

Choose a retailer that is approved by a countrywide organization and adheres to the medical safety standards. Trusting a reliable retailer is very important because otherwise, you will never be able to get sure of where you are investing your money. Check their official website, verify their licenses, and confirm the authority. Never say yes to a suspicious pair of color contact lenses.

  1. Size verification is important

Wearing a wrong pair of lenses, especially in respect to the size, is not a right decision to make. You can see that circular lenses come in diameters and since the diameter varies, each of them can give you a distinctive look. The range of appearance can differ from a subtle look to an extremely dolled up eye look.

  1. Care is the ultimate key

The care story of lenses, whether colored or power lenses, is more or less same. They all need hygiene and care. Wash your hands before wearing lenses, use sanitizer, dry hands with a cotton cloth, clean the lens case with solution daily, and add limit your lens use to 8 hours daily.

  1. Never force your eyes:

In the case of irritation or allergy, avoid the use of contact lenses with immediate effects. You can also use lenses with eye drops to lubricate the eyes and rewet the pair of lenses. Never compromise with the sensitivity of your eyes.

  1. Check the protein Deposit

While using your favorite pair of colored contact lenses, make sure to first book an appointment with the doctor to test the level of protein deposited on your contacts. You can help the removal of protein with the use of protein removal tablets.

This Christmas, Try These Glittery Eye Makeup Ideas to Win the Party Spirit

12 December, 2016

We declare glitter and shimmer as the official code for this Christmas season. It is something that you need to win the hearts and steal the show!

With Christmas and the New Year’s Eve on the cart, this time is probably the best time of the year when you can try to be an extra special and glittery- especially when you are willing to weave the magic through your eyes. When we personally talk about the glittery trends, we see the entire social media (be it Instagram, Facebook or Twitter) brimming with the shades of glossy and richly-pigmented inspo. Keeping this in mind, we have these 5 amazing glittery eye makeup ideas that we think you should definitely try this Christmas.

  1. Starry Eyes


Put a fantastic 3-D spin to your eye makeup by adding some gorgeous holographic stars along with the side corners of eyes. Keep it a balanced mixture of big and small stars and perfectly pair them with a fabulous set of hazel-eyed coloured contact lenses. Just see how beautiful it is going to look!

  1. Full Shimmer


Golden shimmer shadow teamed with a heavy charcolic black in your lashes and outlines is nothing but a perfect match for this Christmas celebrations. Dash it out in bushy look and even if you want to highlight your bone brow by adding extra shimmers, go for it.

  1. Plain Glossy Eyelids


If you want to keep your style subtle and not something too glittery or shimmery then goes for the gloss. Add the plain fine layer of clear gloss over a matte eye shadow and just wear it out with all your grace and confidence. Trust us- you are going to win the show.

  1. Adding glitters under the eyes


Turn the makeup trend upside down by reversing the routine method of wearing an eye makeup. Add all the shines and glimmers beneath the eyes while keeping the upper portion subtle with light hues. You can also pair it with a cat eye look.

  1. Golden Streaks

The glimpse of gold in the inner, upper and lower corners of the eyes looks simply mesmerizing. Fill your eyes with the golden delight and shine on during the holidaying season.

The Dos and Don’ts of Using Colour Contact Lenses!

08 July, 2015

Eyes have the potential to communicate- they speak in tons, and there is no denying the fact! While the beauty of eyes is most of the time inherent, using colour contact lenses is the most potent way of enhancing the appeal of your eyes. Award the gift of ‘defining edge’, ‘subtle impression’ and ‘countless expression’ to your eyes with the help colour contact lenses. But before using the wonder delight, have a look at some of the most basics do’s and don’ts of using colour contact lenses!

Dos of using colour contact lenses-
  • Care is the key- Take care of your lenses especially when cleanliness is the concern. To keep your lenses clean and disinfected, use proper solution (check the expiry of the solution before every use) and avoid contamination.
  • Wash your hand before wearing the lenses. It will reduce the chances of eye infection and allergies.
  • Feel free to experiment with different shades and colours- using contact lenses is absolutely safe.
  • Do follow a routine for wearing lenses and avoid the overuse of lenses.
  • Go for the replacement of lenses if there is any damage related issue.
  • Visit the medical practitioner on the timely basis so that you can learn about the condition of your eyes and lenses at the same time. Follow the set of instruction with the lenses.
  • Don’t of using colour contact lenses:
  • Don’t wear your lenses when you are infected with an eye disease.
  • Don’t use tap water or saliva to wet your lenses- the exercise is potentially dangerous because of the bacterial content in the liquid solutions.
  • Say no to cosmetic sprays while wearing your lenses- don’t sprinkle the spray in your eyes.
  • Never share your contact lenses with anyone- sharing is not caring this way!.
  • Avoid wearing lenses during sleep hours- give the required rest to your eyes!
  • Wearing contact lenses without the aid of professional assistance could be dangerous- follow the correct routine and schedule and step ahead for the medical assistance.
  • Make Your Own Fashion Statement with Crazy Contact Lenses

    31 July, 2014


    Individuals wear crazy contact lenses for some diverse reasons; capability to change the color of the eye can completely change the way you look. This is a very well-known change to make for something like a Halloween outfit or simply to change your look. Even, they must not be prescription lenses, prescribed by a medical practitioner. Anybody can wear crazy contact lenses and change the shade of their eyes.

    Imagine making your eyes seem red. Wouldn't that be an exciting approach to augment upon a vampire or devil outfit on Halloween night? How about making your eyes show up an unnatural shade of blue or green. This is an incredible approach to have a fabulous time. Actually, a number of individuals change the shade of their eyes consistently. They may need to match their clothing or basically their mood. Sometimes, you may need to go to work or school with an alternate eye color. Crazy contact lenses can help you to attain a completely diverse look and increases a great deal of consideration. This extraordinary change is certain to turn heads of people.

    No matter what kind of crazy contact lenses you are looking for. You can easily find them at; there are number of crazy contact lenses like white contacts, blood red and even bright green contacts. With our contacts, you can change your look completely. We only stock the best brands in crazy and color contact lenses, the ones that are TGA Approved and tested for the Australian market.

    How to Care and Maintenance of Cosmetic Contact Lenses

    17 June, 2014

    If you want to protect your eyes and money invested in buying contact lenses, then complete care of your lenses is vital. Without mandatory care, your contacts will host bacteria which may lead to severe eye infections, damage and discomfort in eyes. A complete care of your eyes and lenses will make your daily wearing experience much easier and comfortable. Taking care of your contacts can be an easy habit once you get accustomed to a good routine.  


    Below are the essential steps that you have to bring into your daily habit:

      • It is advised to go to an optometrist to receive help on choosing right                   cosmetic contact lenses so that you can receive information on how to properly look after your contact lenses.
      • What people do is wash their contacts with tap water, avoid using it on your contacts. Wash contactswith saline solution only. 
      • Make sure your hands are clean when you move or clean your lenses. Do not allow anyone else to touch them, because dirty hands can scratch the lens, leave residue, bacteria, and debris on your contact surface.
      • Do not sleep while wearing contact lenses.

      • Always apply makeup and other beauty products after putting lenses in.
      • Do not share your lenses with anyone else, it may transmit allergies.
      • Wash your contacts and contacts case daily.
      • Do not wear disposable lenses so longer than you are supposed to.

    So, these were some of the useful tips that can help your eyes grow healthier and safe everywhere you go.

    Reveal the secret with coloured contact lenses

    12 May, 2014

    There is no doubt that eyes give sense of sight that no other organ in human body can deal. Natural eyes are considered the best to see natural effects in life. We love colouring hairs, wearing colourful clothes, carrying multi-colour accessories and love many more things, which are colourful. Have you ever thought of colouring your eyes?


    The idea may seem vague but trust me it’s amazing. You need not paint your eyes just hide the natural colour of your eyes wearing coloured contact lenses. These days’ eye accessories are into huge fashion among young and old. Turning your eye colour to pink yellow and red can exhibit a new killing look. Always keep one thing in mind that lenses care is equally important as your eyes. A few slip-ups while using lenses may cause allergies to your eyes.

    If we talk about fashion, then eyes are one of the endless options that help to groom one’s personality and looks. Complementing eyes to your attire may turn up your shoulders. Do not miss a single chance to impress those who think you are not a style statement holder. Life is colourful so why not colour our eyes with lenses of different colours. Sometimes cat eyes may stand out you in a crowd and help to heighten your hold among friends. Let your eyes reveal secrets of your heart through crazy contact lenses that will completely reform your personality. You can buy new types of lenses online with just a few button clicks and your favourite lenses will be in your hands.

    Why coloured Contact Lenses are attaining interest of youth?

    08 April, 2014

    To look best with their looks, people try each and everything they can. However, some have good taste of picking those cute and attractive things, whereas most of the people do not realise what suits their personality. Nowadays choosing the right colour of lenses is called wisdom of style. Gone are the days, when contacts were worn for the correction of vision. Now the scenario is absolutely reverse, a sense of fashion and need to be trendy has struck all people in wearing something unique that is never seen by anybody else. In fashion and style, options are endless.

    In order to get timeless elegance in your looks, start wearing coloured contact lenses. Interestingly, people who wear lenses of varying colours are noticeable in a crowd. Life becomes more colourful wearing different tinted and highlighted things. Eyes are the windows of the heart that help in reading someone’s heart. Let’s decorate them as your most treasured thing. The most valued benefit of colour contact lenses is you can change the natural colour of your eye and can look like someone you admire most.

    Beauty shines best when it’s colourful

    If somebody is planning for a birthday party or some festival, then lenses of natural colour must be given a try. I am sure everybody would think highly of your eyes in that festivity. Individuality is the need of the hour in today’s glamourous world where copycats are just around you. Always choose a colour according to your attire or according to the occasion they are worn for. Lenses can be used cosmetically, even if vision correction is not required.

    Always remember one thing, buy it from some good store, because the little mistake of buying from flea markets can harm your eyes. I think buying it from online stores is a great choice because you get a chance to grab hot deals.

    Eyes reveal the secrets of your heart, so take care of them!!