Hottest Color Trends in Contact Lenses

25 November, 2016

Picking the right set of colored contact lens that beautifully fits your personality and appearance is a wonderful feeling. But somehow, the art of picking the right contact lens color that perfectly fits your hair color and skin tone is a challenging task. Choose a tint that defines the edges of your iris and simply deepens the natural shade of your eyes. Do you want to experiment a new eye color while still keeping the natural shade intact? For instance, having blue color eyes and trying gray or green shades in it.

You can simply add a lot more drama to your appearance with the help of these following colors. Just remember that if you have dark eyes then choose something opaque. You can also pick some natural looking shades like light honey brown or hazel. Quite often, we have seen people choosing some spectacular shades of blue or green. The idea with these bright-colored lenses is to create a dazzling show-stopping look. Have a look at the hottest color trends in contact lenses and their respective benefits:

  1. Green

Glam up in green, the contact shade is a sure shot hit for all general purposes. It looks natural, refreshing and amazing with all types of skin.

  1. Amber

 Do you know what is common about Eliza Dushku, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Garner, and Nicole Ritchie? Well… they all have those beautiful pairs of Amber eyes. Amber is an all time hot, and it would remain to be the sexiest eye shade. So if you don’t have those magical amber eyes, then make it with a pair of coloured contact lenses.

  1. Gray

Gray is the new black in color lenses. It is one among the rarest natural eye shade in humans and therefore those who desire to paint their eyes gray can easily pick the pair of lenses for themselves.

  1. Blue

Do you wish to be the blue-eyed person of someone’s life? Well not literally, but you can DEFINETELY choose to pick this color up. Blue color contact lenses look perfect on people having big eyes. Needless to say, the shade has the potential to give you a distinctive edge by adding a lot more drama to the eyes.

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