10 DIY Haircoloring Tips that You Need To Know for Dyeing Hairs at Home

13 April, 2016

The idea of coloring hairs at home is a bit challenging and of course it is something not as convenient as the salon-gorgeous coloring option. But what if you can take an extra care of your hairs while also save much of your money through a DIY Haircoloring initiative? Yes, you can do it with the help of these 10 simple tips. Know them to start the fun of coloring at home.


1.If you are planning to color your hairs at your own then get a reality check first and don’t choose any form of extreme color transformation. Extreme coloring is a multiple process. It is better to choose a subtle transformation.



 directions hair dye


2.Be prepared with two set of directions hair dye boxes. The chaos of running out of color in a midway of hair coloring is embarrassing and frustrating.


3. Wear an old worn out t-shirt to avoid the staining of clothes. Use garbage bags on the floor or sink to keep it stain-less.


4. Make it a point to use the set of Haircoloring tools i.e. brush, comb and gloves while dyeing your hairs.


 Haircoloring tools


5. Rather than using the dye from the sachet or bottle, squeeze the dye in a container to prepare a smooshing mixture.


6. If you want to highlight some part of hairs, then use a thick toothbrush to create the two shades effects. You can even use a mascara wand.


 highlight some part of hairs


7. While coloring hairs, start from the roots and comb the rest of hair to give it an even distribution. The practice will avoid the two-tone effect in hairs.


8. Keep some wet tissues or a towel handy while applying color. Don’t let the stain settle down to your skin.


9. Using a disposable shower cap is a wonderful idea. It will keep the dye away from dripping and staining.



 Glossing hair


10. Glossing hairs (just like you do with your lips) is a highly recommended, especial when the idea is to boost the shade and shine of the color.


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