7 Things Only Women Obsessed with Makeup will Understand

15 March, 2016

You are in love with your face- probably because you can add the finest feathers of makeup to your appearance through this gateway. Yes we can relate to you! The art of wearing makeup is not well-known to everyone. Many women out there struggle to get that perfect flawless makeup look- nevertheless, they fail miserably.


While we all cherish that love-hate relationship with makeup, there are a few things that only makeup lovers can understand. We have listed the 7 best of them- have a look!




1. No matter how late you are for work, stepping out of the home without makeup is an absolute sin for you. The staining of clothes, the smearing of the collar with eye shadow and eating without disturbing the lip gloss- these are something that you cannot help easily.


2. You are scared of white. That is probably not your color. And in fact when it comes to colors, you have your own personal favorites. Don’t you have those too many neutral eyeshadow palettes that you just can’t get over with? We understand that!


3. Spending a huge chunk of money on new beauty/makeup products is not a big deal for you. You have been doing that for quite a while now.


4. You love to embellish your big eyes with the best delight of contact lenses. Your collection of big eye contact lenses is never limited to a few pairs. You are awesome!



5. Your dressing table is filled with a wide variety of eye makeup brushes. Each and every brush is equally important to you- this is the way perfection in makeup is attained.


6. Without makeup, you feel naked. No matter how beautiful you look without makeup, you just cannot image your eyes without liner and lips without gloss.



7. Removing makeup before going to the bed is probably the worst part of your day. Your towel hates you even more for making his life miserable.


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