5 Things that you need to know for Maintaining Perfect Eyebrows

29 February, 2016

The unmatchable beauty of your eyes paired with the perfect contact lenses and flawless makeup is incomplete without the gift of seamless eyebrows. No matter how underrated the practice of maintaining eyebrows might be, the fact that it is absolutely important in completing your appearance is true. A wrongly done eyebrow is nothing but a sheer embarrassment. So whether you have shorter brows or something as wild as bushes, groom your eyebrows in the simplest way through these simple 5 things:


1. First and Foremost- Know your eyebrow shape:


 eyebrow shape 

Your eyebrow has a natural shape- know about the shape to groom it accordingly! Or in case you want to groom it differently (for instance, an arch shape brows to be groomed in a round shape), then do it in correspondence to the shape of your face. For example, a round face can have arch shape brows, long can go with straight brows, heart shape face with round brows and so on.

2. Know the professional trick:

Ideally, your eyebrows should start from the line aligned with the rear ends of your nose. The second angle from the rear end of the nose should finish where the pupil of your eyes end. Lastly, the tail end should be aligned with the brow bone. Divide your eyebrows into these three different parts to direct a flawless eye makeup.

3. Match it with the pair of contact lenses:


scary contact lenses

If you want to match your brow makeup with a fantastic pair of scary contact lenses, then go for something bushy and dark. Similarly, if you wish to try a nude makeup, keep the brows light and subtle. The color of your brows can easily match the color of your lenses.


4. Some DIY wonder:

Keep a handy maintenance kit i.e. tweezers, spiral brush and a pair of scissors to groom the grace of your brows. While plucking unwanted hairs, be as gentle as you can and pluck them in an upward direction. Trim the extra strands with the help of scissors.


5. Fill it up with a brow pencil:
brow pencil

If your brows are thin, you should use a pencil to shape it up. A light touch of pencil will give it a fuller and prominent appeal. Use castor or coconut oil to groom your brows naturally.


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