5 Amazing Tips to help your Eyesight through Natural Ways

25 January, 2016

Hectic lifestyle, passive eating habits and careless attitude- thanks to the modern day routine that has indeed created a helpless situation for all of us! While working through different screens (computer, TV, Smartphones, etc.) it often happens that our eye sight suffers in the most pitiful way. This is the reason vision problems are growing as a common disease in today’s lifestyle. How to correct your vision? How to restore the power of sight through some phenomenal yet natural ways? Here we have listed 5 amazing tips to help your eyesight- have a look!



1. As soon as you wake up in the morning, stimulate your eye muscles through a simple exercise. Fill your mouth with water, close your eyes and splash cold water onto your face (especially eyes). The water in your mouth will create a pressure in your eyes, rejuvenating skin in an effortless manner.


2. If you are doing a desk job with computer and smartphones around, then it is important to massage your worked eyes. Put your eyebrows between your thumb and index finger and move fingers in such a manner that the brow is gently straightened with the moving fingers. Second, roll you sockets in a circular direction.


3. Understand the fact that your eyes need rest. Rub your palms for at least 30-40 seconds and then instantly put the warmth of hands to your eyes. Hold the position till the heat is completely transferred from hands to eyes. If you are using contact lenses from Melbourne then you need to care less- thanks to the gift of quality!


4. Eat healthy for your eyes! Introduce dry fruits, nuts, carrot, Amla, copper-rich food and Vitamin A-rich food to your daily diet. You should avoid laden food, preservatives and non-vegetarian diet for a healthy eye sight.


5. Last but not the least; you should pick some easy exercises to improve your eye sight. For instance, eyeball rotation in right, left, clockwise and anti-clockwise direction is highly regarded for muscle stimulation.


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