All that you need to know about Using Matte Eye Shadows

06 January, 2016

The art of applying those alluring glimmers and shimmers to your eyes is not easy- especially, when the idea is to master the talent in the most spectacular way. Talking about matte eye shadows, we are sure that they are your favorite! The idea to create a bold style statement with matte eye shadow could be highly interesting, if you educate yourself about the entire process. So, let’s do it!

  • So what is a matte eye shadow
  • matte eye shadow

    Eye shadows that are capable of making a bold style statement without the presence of any light reflecting particles are often regarded as Matte shades. The idea with matte shades is to give your eyes the maximum amount of depth and dimension, avoiding the indulgence of glittery particles. The texture of matte eye shades is creamy. Use them with Sclera Contact Lenses to redefine your style statement in a fantastic way.

  • Some Tips:
  • Sclera Contact Lenses

    • Use matte eye shadow as an overall wash of color or to crease the outer V. In both the cases, you will be adding the tint of depth and dimension to your eye makeup.

    • At times, you can also use matte eye shadow as eye liner. Try doing it with the help of an angular brush.

    • While using matte shadow, follow the patting motion (rather than direct swiping). Patting will simply add intensity to your appearance.

    • For the complete eye makeup look, use three neutral shades, one deep shade, black liner and a bit of mascara.

    • Eye shadow base or neutral shades are as important as matte shades. Try fixing the perfect blend of neutral and matte shades. The process will create a smoldering impact in the inner rim of your eyes. Add shimmer if you are going for a party!

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