5 Quick Eye Makeup Tips for Women with Big Eyes

28 December, 2015

You are already a ‘blessed’ soul if you have those big, bright and bold beautiful eyes. The magic of gaze is already in your pocket, and all you need to do is to add the best dose of charm in your kitty. Add the flavor of glamor in your gaze with the help of these 5 quick eye makeup tips.

  • Eye Brows:

    No matter how beautiful your eye makeup is, if that lovely pair of brows are kept untamed, the entire appearance will apparently suffer. Cut, trim, highlight, shape and groom your brows in an absolute manner. You can use brow pencil (same as the color of your brows) for highlighting this focal point.

  • Makeup in the Eye Area:

  • You eye makeup won’t look good with all those puffiness, wrinkles, bags and dark patchy circles, especially when you are also using color contact lenses. So what are you going to do? Use a concealer to counter the problem. Also, avoid unhealthy lifestyle and habits that is eventually affecting your eye area.

  • The Brow Bone:

    Highlighting the brow bone is the best idea. Thus, before applying the eye shadow in the lid, it is better to apply the shade in your brow bones. You can use shine or shimmer for the brow bone- it will simply enhance your appearance in the most spectacular way.


  • The Dramatic look:

  • In case you are willing to give a dramatic look to your appearance then add the fine tune of darker shades in your eyes. Dark eye shadow is visibly evident than pale and nude hues.


  • Glittering Eyes:

  • In case the occasion is really special and you want to try a different look, then go for some gorgeous shimmers. The glittery delight of shimmers will lighten your upper eyelid in a beautiful manner, making it more glamorous and elegant.


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