7 Quick Tips for Using the Best Color Contact Lens

05 November, 2016

Simple to wear and beautiful to look- there are several reasons why you can quickly start using your first brand new pair of colored contact lenses today. Being in this industry for quite a while now, we know how drastically this little wonder of awesomeness can influence your life. You might hear several opinions and cons about the use of lens but taking a constructive decision that is only based on rational thoughts is the need of the hour.Keeping this is mind; we have compiled a quick list of 7 tips that you need to follow while using the best colour contact lenses. Have a look!

1. Soft lenses differ in types and thus, pick the one that is most comfortable to you. You can choose extended wear lenses (something you can wear overnight), replacement lenses, silicone lenses (highly breathable and free from accumulated deposits) and colored soft lenses.

2. Check the life span of the lenses and prefer something that has extended longevity. Lenses are available in two broad categories i.e. daily disposable lenses and monthly pairs of colored contact lenses.

3. Give the highest priority to UV-protest lenses, especially if you are engaged in some outdoor sports. UV protection keeps the lenses safe and soft.

4. Know the RGP i.e. Rigid Gas Permeable factor of contact lenses. RGP lenses can sharper the vision by bringing better clarity for the user. Users having cone-shaped cornea are suggested to use it.

5. Have you ever heard of hybrid contact lenses? These are the lenses that are made of strong and rigid gas permeable center but have soft rings. Once can correct sightedness, both far and near, with the help of hybrid lenses.

6. Cleanliness is the biggest secret of being a happy lens user. It even goes without saying that you need to regularly clean the lenses with disinfectant.

7. If you are one among those few contact lens users that are quite vulnerable to eye allergies, then it is utterly important for you to keep medical prescriptions and recommendations handy.

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