5 Eye Makeup Trends to Wear This Autumn Season

16 June, 2016

Beauty inspires everyone and same has happened with us! Being simply blown with some fantastic eye makeup trend this autumn season, we wish to share this inspirational delight with all through this blog post. Grow your quest for creativity and unravel these gorgeous makeup tips to be fashion ready. Have a look at the 5 best and latest eye creative trends that you cannot afford to miss this Autumn Season.

  1. The Darkness of Black Smoky Eyes:


Smoke eyes have been an endless inspiration for quite a while now and time and again, it has returned with a new twist in fashion tale. For the year 2016, smoky eye makeup would be all about matte shades. Color the outside rim of your eyes and use a medium or large eyeshadow brush to bring the desired results.

  1. The Raw Touch of Uneven-ness:

Pick a dark shade lipstick, some gloss or matte colors, and mess it up with a gorgeous gaudy plum- it is all about uneven experimentation and haphazard in makeup. Keep the eye makeup raw and untamed with uneven eyebrows. It is the perfect wild look that you might need this season.

  1. The magic of metallic:

Try something in metallic to make a bold fashion statement this season and introduce yourself to the love of bronze. Mix it with hues like orange if you have a dusky complexion. You can also mix it with the smoky eye makeup style.

  1. Highlighting the inner eye rims:

Draw everybody’s attention as you walk down the lane with beautiful eye makeup highlighting the inner edges of your eyes. It is simple, easy to implement and a recurring style that visits the fashion industry every year.

  1. Dark Waterlinings:

The sweet old styles of the 90s are back and just look at the way it is here- in grace and glamour filled with every bit of fashion. Still wondering why Jeffree star makeup is so famous? Well, the secret is here, and it is simply because the good old inspiration of dark Waterlinings in eyes has never faded old. Didn’t you just love it?

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