5 DIY Experiments that Can Make Your Halloween Costumes Fabulous Without Any Extra Cost

14 October, 2016

Halloween inspiration is all around the world as the famous celebration is making its way in just a few days. You may check books, TV, pop culture, music sensations, and Hollywood celebrities, etc. to get a clearer idea of Halloween trends but then everything that you see might come at a big cost. This Halloween, make a pledge to save most of your money yet be the best in appearance for your celebrations. We will tell you how you can make it possible! Get ready to prepare the sexy version of your ideas with these 4 DIY costume tips.

  • Be at your creative best:

Pick a character of your choice from a TV show or movie and create your costume. Rather than buying anything new, first make a list of things that you already have such as the costume stuff in the house. For instance, if you have to create a big bird costume than it won’t take more than just a paper, grocery bag, colored party streamers, etc. Explore more ideas and work on them.

  • Shop your accessories:

Believe in yourself, believe in your accessories and believe in the fact that you already have what you are craving to buy this Halloween. Check all your accessories, Big eyes contact lenses, makeup kit, designer outfits, jewellery, etc. to prepare a fine list of things that you need or not.

  • Visit second hand shops

Thrift stores can be a great resource for costumes and sidestep consumerism. Most of such second hand shops are filled with new looking costumes that you can be modified with a little touch of creativity. How about using a giant yellow M&M to create a subtle bumblebee with lovely strips and wings? YES- you can do it on your own.

  • Be brainy yet carefree:

Halloween is all about letting your creativity flow, yet at the same time; it is also about not bothering oneself too much with the costume pressure. Let your ideas flow freely, take it easy, get the favorite pair of sclera contact lenses now, add a surprise element to your appearance, and so on- you will shine like a rockstar in your Halloween celebration.

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