5 Big Eyes Make up Tips for a Beautiful Look

19 November, 2016

Beauty lies in the eyes of those who have BIG wonderful and round eyes and if you are one of them… then, lucky you! Hue in the dark charcholic shades of smoke, when these larger lovely eyes are enhanced with the best of makeup fancies, nothing can simply overrule their charm and grace. One must know all the tricks, simple or difficult, to add the fine shade of brightness and glamour in eyes. With this is mind, let’s have a quick look at some of the most fantastic big eye makeup tips.

  1. Brewing the brows:

 Eyebrows play a very significant part in your overall facial makeup and if the person has big round eyes, then they can simply make them look more gorgeous. Never let your brows go bushy or unruly. Trim, shape and groom them properly to highlight the focal point.

  1. Area around the eyes:

If you have dark circles, eye bags, puffy eyes or wrinkles around the eyes, then you should definitely treat them before applying makeup. Use concealer to hide the problem and prepare your eye area with effective makeup.

  1. Love the brow bone:

 A shiny brow bone looks simply sexy and mind blowing. Highlight your brow bone with white eye shadow and if possible, also add some shimmer to give it an extra edge.

  1. Pick a dark shade:

 Choose a dark eye shadow to create that marvelous smoky look for your eyes. Rather than choosing anything light or pale, pick a gorgeous matte shade to make a statement through your eyes. It is going to add a lot more drama to your facial makeup, especially when added with a fabulous pair of color contact lenses.

  1. Get some shimmers:


Take your big eyes makeup to a different zone and level with the mesmerizing touch of shimmers. A slight touch of shimmer and glitter in the upper eyelid and below the brow bones can give you the most stunning
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