The Dos and Don’ts of Using Colour Contact Lenses!

08 July, 2015

Eyes have the potential to communicate- they speak in tons, and there is no denying the fact! While the beauty of eyes is most of the time inherent, using colour contact lenses is the most potent way of enhancing the appeal of your eyes. Award the gift of ‘defining edge’, ‘subtle impression’ and ‘countless expression’ to your eyes with the help colour contact lenses. But before using the wonder delight, have a look at some of the most basics do’s and don’ts of using colour contact lenses!

Dos of using colour contact lenses-
  • Care is the key- Take care of your lenses especially when cleanliness is the concern. To keep your lenses clean and disinfected, use proper solution (check the expiry of the solution before every use) and avoid contamination.
  • Wash your hand before wearing the lenses. It will reduce the chances of eye infection and allergies.
  • Feel free to experiment with different shades and colours- using contact lenses is absolutely safe.
  • Do follow a routine for wearing lenses and avoid the overuse of lenses.
  • Go for the replacement of lenses if there is any damage related issue.
  • Visit the medical practitioner on the timely basis so that you can learn about the condition of your eyes and lenses at the same time. Follow the set of instruction with the lenses.
  • Don’t of using colour contact lenses:
  • Don’t wear your lenses when you are infected with an eye disease.
  • Don’t use tap water or saliva to wet your lenses- the exercise is potentially dangerous because of the bacterial content in the liquid solutions.
  • Say no to cosmetic sprays while wearing your lenses- don’t sprinkle the spray in your eyes.
  • Never share your contact lenses with anyone- sharing is not caring this way!.
  • Avoid wearing lenses during sleep hours- give the required rest to your eyes!
  • Wearing contact lenses without the aid of professional assistance could be dangerous- follow the correct routine and schedule and step ahead for the medical assistance.
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