3 Simple Steps to Make This Home-made Eyebrow Growth Serum

05 January, 2017

Paired with a magnificent set of colored lenses, when your gorgeous brows are both heavy and dense, nothing can simply replicate their quintessential beauty. Are you interested in making your brows the perfect long lashes delight? If it’s a BIG yes from your end, then here is the quickest way of doing so! Know the three easy DIY steps to prepare an eyebrow growth serum for yourself and get ready to look like your favorite Hollywood celebrity. Here you go!

All that you need to prepare a Home-Made Eyebrow Growth Serum

DIY eyebrow growth serums need some natural ingredients to give you the perfect beauty effect. Some of us are not born with regular long lashes, and some prefer wearing artificial lashes. While everyone wants beautiful lashes, only a few people do things that could really affect the natural growth faster.

Step 1:

Take a tablespoon of castor and coconut oil and mix it well with sweet almond and avocado’s oil. Mix it well and pour it to a container having mascara wand. Store the mixture in the fridge and apply single strokes every night.

Step 2:

Create a mixture of castor oil, vitamin E and argan oil and mix it with some cold-pressed nutrient-packed plant oils. Keep the mixture overnight and remove it in the morning with cold water. You have to pay special attention to places that have less hair growth.

Step 3:

Take another container having mascara wand and pour some castor oil and rosemary oil in it. Mix the container well and keep it in the fridge to create a fuller effect. You can try and apply this mixture three times in a day.

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