Eye Makeup with Medusa Cosmetics: Quick Tips!

13 April, 2015

You are in love with Medusa Cosmetics, and so are we! The idea of using beautiful Medusa makeup, especially for eyes, is a heartfelt desire shared by every woman. Wear this makeup look for the Halloween fun and get a distinctive look. Easily said than done, applying eye makeup is a hard nut to crack- it is not as easy as wearing a gorgeous party dress. One needs to understand the process and art of using Eyeshadow as a professional expert. Looking for some amazing tips? Have a look at these fantastic suggestions that you can use for doing eye makeup with Medusa Cosmetics!

Checklist for Eye makeup with Eyeshadow:
  • The ability to create a perfect blend of light and dark colors.
  • A mini brush kit is must required.
  • Select your set of best Medusa Eyeshadow shades.
  • Use lash-extending waterproof mascara.
  • Things to be considered while doing the eye makeup:
  • Start with the eye makeup first, and then go for the rest of the face makeup.
  • Use light concealer or foundation for preparing the base- it will also control the moisture element in your skin.
  • Raise your eyebrows to the highest point for the best eye makeup- start applying eyeshadow from the corners
  • Be comfortable, look straight in the mirror, elevate you face (for stretching the skin) and apply eyeshadow with the thinnest brush in order to define boundaries.
  • Use light colors first and then go for the darker shades- never let a dark shade overshadow the appeal of a light shade.
  • Go for full strokes and never move inward while applying eyeshadow, especially on the cease.
  • After setting the boundaries, use a large brush for applying shades to the lashes, and go all the way to your eyebrows.
  • The second color should never go above the crease- you should use dark shades as second colors.
  • Use neutral tones for regular makeup and matte powder for the party makeup- the golden rule of having a classic makeup look!
  • Add a subtle shine on the eyebrow bone (and nowhere else) - this will highlight your eye makeup.
  • Remove extra eyeshadow color with the help of brush- no use of hands!
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